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ClimatePartner is our partner for climate protection

As the need for climate neutrality increases, especially among manufacturers, we are conscious of our responsibility to the environment. We are dedicated to fulfilling our part in climate protection through CO2 neutrality. We have already taken meaningful steps by cutting down on business trips, establishing reforestation initiatives, introducing a green mobility plan, and opting for renewable electricity in our office space.

More on our social responsibility 

By partnering with ClimatePartner, we can offset any unavoidable CO2 emissions through international projects certified for climate protection. ClimatePartner is committed to transparency and traceability for its climate protection efforts, which TÜV Austria has verified. Supporting these projects helps us contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How did our company become climate neutral?

1. Identifying our CO2 emissions: In partnership with ClimatePartner, we detailed our Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF), taking every element, from heating and energy to office supplies and employee travel, into account.

2. Avoid and reduce: We strive to avoid and reduce our CO2 emissions whenever possible by reducing business travel, adopting sustainable mobility solutions, and utilizing renewable power sources. Regularly updating our CCF helps us track the success of our efforts.

3. Offsetting CO2 emissions through climate protection projects: By supporting three climate protection projects, we can offset all remaining CO2 emissions and become a climate-neutral company. These projects save CO2 through measures such as reforestation or substituting climate-damaging technologies with environmentally friendly alternatives.

These are our selected climate protection projects


The project strives to achieve sustainable change through economic practices and conservation while protecting indigenous territories. It encourages self-governance within the communities, increased monitoring of the regions, better communication and transport systems, and improved food self-sufficiency for six different ethnic groups.

Our project not only improves water quality but also has a positive effect on gender equality: Clean water provided through the installation of boreholes reduces the time girls and women spend collecting water or firewood, allowing them to obtain an education or pursue other economic opportunities.

Through ClimatePartner's project, we are combating these issues while supporting local businesses. Accessible micro-energy loans give regional entrepreneurs the ability to offer affordable energy-efficient products, with a particular focus on encouraging women in the workforce. With start-up capital and training, these women can take advantage of the opportunity for financial stability, and other households can benefit from clean cooking stoves and solar lights. The project saves an estimated 100,000 tonnes of CO2 each year - a positive outcome for both people and the planet.

Our certification through ClimatePartner

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