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Sustainability and Social Responsibility at HÖVELER HOLZMANN

At our company, empowering people and taking responsibility are not just values written on paper. They represent an attitude that drives our actions as individuals and as a whole. We must help those in need and protect the environment for future generations. To do so, we support several social and environmental projects and launch initiatives, like a helpers' day in the Ahr Valley following significant floods. Working with ClimatePartner has also enabled us to become a climate-neutral company.

Read more about our climate neutrality, our own guidelines, supported projects, and our initiatives below.

Supported Projects and Own Initiatives


Certification as a Climate-Neutral Company

Despite our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, we can only eliminate some of them. That's where ClimatePartner comes in. They provide us with international, certified climate protection projects that help us offset our emissions. They ensure not only transparency but also traceability through audits conducted by TÜV Austria, contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Sustainable Mobility Concept

Visiting our customers is an integral part of the consultancy, helping to foster collaboration and customer loyalty. We constantly evaluate the nature and extent of our travel activities. Whenever possible, we use trains as our preferred method of transportation—resulting in a reduction of 16,127 kg of CO2 by 2022.

To provide our employees with additional potential, we've established a mobility concept that encourages the use of electric vehicles and other alternatives to traditional company cars. Video conferencing is used as a digital alternative to in-person meetings in situations where the quality and efficiency of client communication would not be affected.

Support for Reforestation Projects

Forests play a critical role in local ecosystems and the planet's climate stability. That's why we also direct our sustainability efforts towards reforestation projects. For example, 500 trees were planted in Nicaragua in 2021 as part of our Christmas greetings through PRIMAKLIMA e.V. Additionally, we committed to planting a tree for every new follower on LinkedIn and Instagram during the summer of 2022.

Donations to Charities

We support charitable organizations annually with a fixed amount during the Christmas season. This winter, we were delighted to donate 6,750 euros and clothing to gutenachtbus, a mobile aid program for homeless people in Düsseldorf. Additionally, a donation of 20,250 euros was made to Froschkönige Gegen KinderArmut e.V., which seeks to combat child poverty.

Strategic Support for Social Institutions

We offer free consulting to social institutions on a pro bono basis. If you require assistance or know of an organization in need, please reach out to us via sustainability@hoeveler-holzmann.com. We would love to help!

Pro Bono

We Walk the Talk: Showcasing Our Commitment

We take part in local and social initiatives, demonstrating our corporate commitment to responsibility and emphasizing the importance of empowering people. Last August, we went to the Ahr Valley, which had been hit hard by floods, and spent the day clearing mud from a cellar, contributing to its recovery.

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