We take responsibility!

Empowering people and assuming responsibility aren't just values written down on an internal paper. They’re fundamental attitudes that underlie our actions as individuals and as a business. We are deeply convinced of our responsibility to help the socially disadvantaged and protect our environment for future generations. That’s why we support a number of environmental and social projects and launch our own initiatives such as a helpers’ day in the flooded Ahr valley.

Read on to find out more about our policies, supported projects and initiatives.

Supported projects and our own initiatives

Sustainable mobility concept

Travelling to clients is an essential part of the consulting business. It helps cement collaboration and promote mutual understanding. But we constantly question the way we travel, and how far. For example, we always use the train as our preferred means of transport, as long as the time difference is reasonable.

Meetings that can be held without sacrificing the efficiency or quality of a face-to-face exchange are conducted digitally as video conferences.

And because we want to offer additional electromobility potential and alternatives to traditional company cars, we’ve developed a mobility concept for our employees.

Compensation of emissions caused

At the end of the year, we count up the number of flights during the year. Afterwards, we calculate the total emissions produced by all our air travel, including security surcharges. Additionally, we count up the emissions caused by heating the office for the year. We then fully offset these emissions through relevant providers.

Supporting reforestation projects

Forests are essential not only to local ecosystems, but also to the global climate. That’s why our sustainability drive includes planting one tree for every consultant week booked.

Strategic support for social institutions

We provide free advice to social institutions (pro bono). If you need our support or know of an organisation that needs our help, please get in touch: sustainability@hoeveler-holzmann.com.

Involvement on site

We work locally and socially, not just to pursue our corporate value of assuming responsibility, but also to empower people. In August, our team travelled to the Ahr valley, which had been hit by severe flooding. We spent the whole day together clearing a cellar of mud. We also support local charitable projects financially.