Training programs for supply chain managers and purchasers

The HÖVELER HOLZMANN training academy is a training and education program for beginners, advanced students and experts from the procurement and supply chain management sector. Not only does our training academy span the controlling, core and support tasks of procurement, but also all levels of the supply chain pyramid – from supply chain configuration, to working capital management, straight through to supply chain controlling. This ensures that employees are qualified in all procurement and supply chain management tasks which are relevant for their day-to-day work.

as State-of-the-Art Training format
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Höveler Holzmann Academy’s concept

Our clients are looking for a training concept that is suited for the further education of both career starters as well as experts with many years of job experience in procurement. HÖVELER HOLZMANN’s training academy thus differentiates between three skill levels: "beginners," "advanced" and "experts." The current performance level of each single participant is evaluated by means of individual interviews, CV checks or an assessment center in small groups. 

To take into account the participants’ level of knowledge gained so far and our clients’ company-specific requirements, the training contents are adapted on an individual basis. For this purpose, training units are supplemented with industry- and commodity group-specific contents (e.g. know-how of commodity groups in procurement, marketing services or cold chain logistics). Equally, already established training contents and formats of our clients can be integrated into the training academy (e.g. training documents regarding procurement-specific supplier management in the ERP system). 

The personal training objectives are determined and defined according to content, scale and timing for each participant in the training program. In the process, the right training formats ensure that each participant receives optimal training: beginners, for example, get to know the basics of conducting negotiations with the aid of eLearning offers and workshops. Advanced participants negotiate in the scope of the HÖVELER HOLZMANN Procurement Labs with experienced procurement consultants. Experts are prepared during one-to-one coaching sessions and mentoring programs with project managers, e.g., for negotiating situations in the threshold area or in strategy workshops on supply chain configuration. An individual training plan, in which training and practical phases alternate in procurement, helps each employee achieve his or her training objectives in the best possible way.

HÖVELER HOLZMANN Procurement Lab as State-of-the-Art Training Format

Based on experience, the learning effect of a training phase is most sustainable when the theoretical content is not just conveyed as a lecture, but practiced independently by the training participants. This is the fundamental idea behind the HÖVELER HOLZMANN procurement labs – the one-of-a-kind training format of this type for procurement, which is designed and exclusively offered by HÖVELER HOLZMANN. In the procurement lab, tasks from all eight task fields are independently practiced by the participants under the guidance of specialists (e.g. data specialist for data analysis tasks) through case studies from actual practice.

Possible tasks, e.g., from the strategic sourcing process in five steps, range from the evaluation of complex procurement volume data in Excel or Access, on to comprehensive analyses of global procurement markets through to the definition of commodity group strategies and intensive preparation and conducting of negotiations with suppliers. Built-in pitfalls in, for example, the database provided with the data on procurement volume should make participants aware of possible obstacles in the process. On request, tasks can be integrated into the academy from ongoing sourcing initiatives of procurement.

Core focus of the procurement labs is on the independent processing of typical tasks from everyday life at work of a procurement employee. This training format is therefore exceptionally suitable for procurement employees with an advanced level of knowledge in order to develop their current performance level up to the next skill level. Ideally, one lab covers two to a maximum of three days with up to twelve participants. If desired, we conduct the lab in our clients’ offices; alternatively, we’d be glad to invite the procurement staff to our offices at the location in Düsseldorf.