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Careers in Supply Chain Management and Procurement

Do you have expertise in supply chain management or procurement, and do you want to lead projects in those areas at DAX companies and SMEs? Do you see your future in consulting, or have you already gathered some experience at a consultancy? Then HÖVELER HOLZMANN is the right place for you! We encourage you to bring your industry expertise with you, apply it, and deepen it.

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Who We’re Looking For

To fill a variety of high-responsibility positions, we’re looking for people who know the challenges of SCM and procurement inside out and have already spent a few years developing optimum solutions in their industry. If you’re a professional in your field and wish to pursue a career in consulting using your expertise, and if you like thinking strategically, taking responsibility, and approaching people with an open mind, then we look forward to hearing from you. We’re a team who achieve great things together and undertake continuous professional development.

Bring Your Expertise

We can offer you the opportunity to keep specializing in supply chain management and procurement. You can also contribute your expertise and your personality in areas that we’re developing, such as sustainability and digitalization. If you’d also like to position yourself as an expert in SCM or procurement, we’ll support you in your publications and studies, and in running webinars.

Additionally, you have the opportunity, through our affiliation with the Digital Solutions, Consulting, and Software House valantic, to collaborate across locations with other companies. This allows you to build or deepen your digitalization expertise in SCM and procurement.

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How to Get Ahead Professionally

At HÖVELER HOLZMANN, you’ll meet colleagues who work transparently and enjoy sharing their expertise with you. A fixed annual training budget enables you to continually expand your expertise and build on your personal strengths. And then there’s our annual leadership training. Want to take on more responsibility quickly? Our structures offer you attractive, dependable career opportunities.

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Read some testimonials from your future team mates

Antje Böttger

Antje, Principal

“The thing I like best about HÖVELER HOLZMANN is the way everyone trusts each other. You’re given plenty of responsibility from the outset and you’re given support in everything you do. It means you grow every single day.”

Jürgen, Principal

“At HÖVELER HOLZMANN, I can transfer my experience in procurement and automotives to other industries while getting to know new aspects of procurement, supply chain management, and project management.”

Anne, Manager

“The world of work is changing, but sometimes I’m still the only woman in meetings with clients. In the beginning I had to learn to deal with that without being untrue to myself. But at HÖVELER HOLZMANN you’re not left to your own devices.”


Jan, Partner

“After starting my career over ten years ago, I learned consulting from the ground up at HÖVELER HOLZMANN. In my new role as a partner, which I took up in 2023, I’ve been driving the development of new service offerings and business areas in the fields of digitalization, resilience, and sustainability.


Dennis, Manager

“I was an SAP consultant at my previous employer, where I was able to vastly increase my understanding of IT processes. But the point came where I also wanted to understand the underlying business processes better from a management perspective. Challenging and exciting projects at HÖVELER HOLZMANN give me precisely that opportunity.”