Expand your know-how and help strengthen medium-sized companies

Our Senior Manager Andy Pischka comments on his reasons for joining HÖVELER HOLZMANN


Why did you decide to join HÖVELER HOLZMANN and therefore, a consulting firm?

After working in an industrial company for many years, I wanted to transfer the concepts I had learned to other industries and thus further expand my know-how in the field. I also wanted to gain insight into medium-sized companies and help them grow by completing successful projects.

HÖVELER HOLZMANN offers the opportunity to get the most of my passion for procurement and supply chain management along with my highly motivated colleagues.

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What has been your biggest challenge thus far at HÖVELER HOLZMANN?

The biggest challenge was the change of industries and the transition that I had to make. Ultimately, there is always a common denominator and the concepts work in all industries. It was a great learning experience for me.

What do you value most at HÖVELER HOLZMANN?​

Our team is the best; we boast incredible dedication, commitment, and in-depth know-how, which means that you can learn from and mutually support one another.