Commitment to appreciation and steep learning curves

Our Senior Consultant, Eric Hummes, talks about his internship and decision to join HÖVELER HOLZMANN as a permanent employee

Why did you choose HÖVELER HOLZMANN and therefore, an internship in consulting?

I learned about HÖVELER HOLZMANN from a good friend of mine.  As a consultant at HÖVELER HOLZMANN, he would often share his experiences with me. He was excited about his responsibilities, projects, and the team.

I also wanted to gain experience in a specialized consulting firm. The aspects surrounding supply chain management are my absolute priority and I was sure that my employment with HÖVELER HOLZMANN will help me progress in this field.

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What encouraged you to consider permanent employment with HÖVELER HOLZMANN after your internship?

It was a simple decision; I am continuously growing here by working on exciting projects with great colleagues and an employer who values my work.

What experience did you gain after your permanent employment with HÖVELER HOLZMANN?

A major supply chain management optimization project for a consumer goods manufacturer involved direct customer contact and a steep learning curve. By working on more projects in the field of supply chain management and profound insight into various companies, I was able to further enhance my expertise.