Hands-on experience during your studies: your internship in supply chain management and procurement consulting

Would you like to take on responsibility and experience more than just creating slides or programming Excel tables? Then you are sure to love your internship at HÖVELER HOLZMANN. From day one, you will become a full team member working on projects relating to the supply chain and procurement optimization.This will give you genuine insights into the daily routine of a consultant and help you gain extensive expertise.

For example, you will help us carry out data evaluation, communicate with (international) suppliers, conduct market research, and prepare customer presentations. During your internship, we will encourage creative freedom and support you in implementing your ideas and help you pick your area of specialization in order to ensure that you are well prepared for your future career.

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Clemens Tittel, Intern/Working student

“I was hoping to work on a variety of different projects during my internship in order to gain an in-depth insight into the daily life of a consultant. This was the case at HÖVELER HOLZMANN.”

This is what our interns say on kununu:

  • "Even as an intern, you always feel part of the team!"
  • "Exciting and educational internship in an extremely friendly working environment. Highly recommended."
  • Steep learning curve during the internship. You get the opportunity to take on a lot of responsibility."
  • After a short training period, you have the opportunity to take on more and more interesting tasks. And you are rewarded appropriately for your efforts!"

Want to find out more? We offer three to six-month internships all year round

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no deadlines for applications, so you can apply at any time and get started at the beginning/middle of each month. We keep our selection process very lean so that decisions can be made by both sides within a few weeks. We are also happy to adapt the date of entry to your individual requirements.

There can be many different reasons why it does not work at the current time. We would like to encourage you to apply again in the future for a position that is interesting for you. 

We offer an attractive salary package. In addition to the basic salary, there is a bonus, which is based on the achievement of company and individual goals.

Very humorous and relaxed - provided that the performance is right. We encourage and challenge very good employees. On the other hand, those who don't meet our requirements will find out very quickly and openly.

The faster you work completely independently, the more your superiors will be relieved of controlling work. Independent work is a must for us and not an ideal state to strive for.

Three to six months.

That depends on the topic. In "classic" cost reduction projects, we start with a data collection phase for needs analysis. Then we analyze the affected purchasing markets, develop suitable purchasing strategies, send out tender documents and negotiate with existing or potential new suppliers. Finally, we implement the new supplier contracts.

In contrast, projects for the further development of our clients' purchasing department involve the analysis of the existing purchasing organization: depending on the requirements, we conduct extensive training sessions lasting several days or restructure the purchasing department.

In the case of supply chain management issues, we analyze the ACTUAL situation along the value chain at the beginning of the project. The current performance standard is then examined for optimization potential using best practices and measures are designed. The final step is the implementation of measures tailored to supply chain management and the introduction of monitoring systems.

We have an individually configurable continuing education program for all employees. Approximately six to eight development days per year are available, which can be used either for fixed external training courses from our further training catalog or individual development measures. 

As far and as fast as you want and can. There are no fixed promotion periods with us. That depends solely on your personal performance. Promotions are always decided at the end of the year.

There is a one-week introduction consisting of the topic blocks "Purchasing Know-how", "Supply Chain Management", "Consultant Skills" and "Administration". Afterwards, the course goes directly to a project.


Internships last between three and six months. We prefer six months because then you will be properly trained and able to work independently. In addition, the learning curve is a little steeper with six months, because you have more time to get to know different branches/industries/projects/etc. - win-win!