Hands-on experience during your studies: your internship in supply chain management and procurement consulting

Would you like to take on responsibility and experience more than just creating slides or programming Excel tables? Then you are sure to love your internship at HÖVELER HOLZMANN. From day one, you will become a full team member working on projects relating to the supply chain and procurement optimization.This will give you genuine insights into the daily routine of a consultant and help you gain extensive expertise.

For example, you will help us carry out data evaluation, communicate with (international) suppliers, conduct market research, and prepare customer presentations. During your internship, we will encourage creative freedom and support you in implementing your ideas and help you pick your area of specialization in order to ensure that you are well prepared for your future career.

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Clemens Tittel, Intern/Working student

“I was hoping to work on a variety of different projects during my internship in order to gain an in-depth insight into the daily life of a consultant. This was the case at HÖVELER HOLZMANN.”

This is what our interns say on kununu:

  • "Even as an intern, you always feel part of the team!"
  • "Exciting and educational internship in an extremely friendly working environment. Highly recommended."
  • Steep learning curve during the internship. You get the opportunity to take on a lot of responsibility."
  • After a short training period, you have the opportunity to take on more and more interesting tasks. And you are rewarded appropriately for your efforts!"

Want to find out more? We offer three to six-month internships all year round

Frequently Asked Questions

You are welcome to apply any time and start with us at the beginning or middle of each month. We keep our selection processes very lean to enable us to make mutual decisions within a few weeks. Regarding the start date, we are happy to adjust your plans.

We offer you an attractive salary package. In addition to the basic salary, there is a bonus based on achieving company and individual targets.

We are committed to a culture of both humor and teamwork that is also highly professional. Our core values rest on having an excellent team dynamic and fostering open and honest feedback.

No matter your role, from intern to partner, you will be expected to assume responsibility and have a direct impact on your work with us.



Our projects are diverse and varied and last from two months to two years, depending on the type of project.

It depends on the topic. In “traditional” cost reduction projects, we start with a data collection phase to analyze requirements. Then we examine the affected procurement markets, develop suitable procurement strategies, send tender documents, and negotiate with existing or potentially new suppliers. Finally, we implement the new supplier contracts.

In projects for the further development of our client’s procurement department, on the other hand, the focus is on exploring the existing procurement organization: Depending on requirements, we conduct extensive training sessions lasting several days or restructure the procurement department.

In supply chain management projects, we investigate the status quo along the value chain at the beginning of the project. The current performance standard is then examined for optimization potential using best practices, and measures are designed. The final step is the implementation of measures tailored to supply chain management and introducing of monitoring systems.

We have an individually designed further training program for all employees. Approximately six to eight development days are available each year, which can be used either for fixed external training courses from our training catalog or for individual development measures. We support your further training - both personally and professionally.

Climb your way up to a Partner with us - the speed of your progress is entirely determined by your performance, assessed at the end of each year.

We offer an individual onboarding model for each position, consisting of technical and company-internal topic blocks. Once that is complete, the project team welcomes you.

If you are looking for an opportunity to build skills and gain exposure in multiple industries, our internships are a great way to do it. We offer interns the chance to immerse themselves in different projects over 3-6 months. To maximize your learning experience, it is best to stay with us for six months - giving yourself more time to explore everything we offer.