FAQs application process

How do I know if procurement and supply chain management are the right topics for me? Which application documents are required? Which language skills are important? Here you will find frequently asked questions.


Ideally, you have completed an internship with us before or have worked for us as a working student. A main study focus on procurement or supply chain management is helpful. It is very important that you have fun working with figures and have full knowledge of the MS Office package.

You should have completed your studies quickly with above-average success, either at university or university of applied sciences. The majority of our consultants are MBAs/business management graduates or business information scientists. Decisive factors are your enthusiasm for procurement and supply chain management as well as your motivation to learn our know-how in training programs and to perfect the skills acquired while working with our clients. Further requirements include power of endurance, team player capabilities, psychological resilience and high practical intelligence. Self-promoting talkers have just as little a chance with us as those who are only looking for the glamour of the consulting industry.

Yes, both from university as well as university of applied sciences.

A Bachelor/Master/Diploma is sufficient. However, an MBA or a Doctorate is further indication of your motivation and commitment.

No, what counts for us are your performance and your personality.

  • Curriculum vitae
  • All educational certificates (High School, Bachelor, Master, Intermediate Diploma, Diploma, MBA)
  • Job references (internships, vocational training where applicable)
  • Short letter of motivation

Your application documents will be examined carefully and on an individual basis. Thus it will take some time to review your application. We must request you to be patient. 

Our application process is comprised of three stages: a 90-minute interview on the telephone, a one-day assessment center and a final discussion.

No, you can apply at any time.

Two to three months in advance are ideal.

Yes, definitely. Why wait until you have completed your studies?

Knowledge of German and English in spoken and written form is very important.

Your learning curve progresses steeply with us, you can move up more quickly, you have to deal with less politics, elbow mentality and bureaucracy. Your working hours are shorter and weekend work is the absolute exception.

Yes, definitely. Unfortunately, far too few women apply with us.

That depends on the reason for the rejection. For example, if your grades in high school and studies are too insufficient, then no. If it was due to personal reasons such as your communication behavior, then yes – insofar as you have improved yourself substantially.

If you have previously worked in another procurement or supply chain consulting firm or in the strategic sourcing process division of a larger company, then you can start your career with us immediately. If you have not worked in the sector of procurement or supply chain management before, then everything depends on your special expertise. For example, one of our consultants comes from the sales sector. Alongside project work, he therefore participates intensively in acquisition activities.

We offer you a very attractive salary package on the level of a top management consulting firm. Besides the base salary, there is a bonus comprised of the achievement of team and individual objectives.


Yes, we are very open to supporting the MBA. Basic prerequisites for support are, however, constantly very good performance as well as a longer-term commitment with us after completing your MBA. Before starting the program, you should moreover have been with us for at least two years.

We also support a doctorate regarding a topic that fits with our consulting spectrum. 

Between two to three months. An internship of a period less than 2 months is only possible in exceptional cases since it isn't easy to find a suitable project that you can participate in within such a short timeframe.

Yes, of course we pay our interns – very good performances will also be rewarded with an additional bonus.

Yes, excellent interns have good prospects for a job offer.

No, initial training with us takes place on-the-job on the projects.

In principle, we are glad to mentor diploma theses in the field of procurement or supply chain management. Ideally, you combine the writing of your final dissertation with an internship in our company. In this way, a topic in line with the current project situation can be identified in cooperation with the senior project manager in charge. Possible subject areas could be: market research in procurement, demand management, working capital optimization, outsourcing/outtasking, specialization/industrialization in procurement/supply chain management. If you’re interested in writing your final thesis at HÖVELER HOLZMANN CONSULTING, please send us your complete application documents with a concretely proposed topic and short exposé.


There is a one-week introduction comprised of the topic modules "procurement know-how," "supply chain management", "consultant skills" and "administrative." You are then directly assigned to one or more projects.

You can pursue two different career paths with us: consultant and expert specializing in data management or supply market intelligence.

Regardless of the chosen path, there are five career levels. After joining our company as consultant or data/supply market analyst, you can be promoted to partner or senior expert with us in the course of just a few career levels. 

There are no defined timeframes, your performance is what solely and exclusively counts. Very good employees can move up from Business Analyst to Project Manager in two years. We do not know of any other procurement or supply chain consulting firm where that is possible.

After each project with at least 20 consultant days as well as every six months in a summarized form.

The four pillars "professional competence," "method competence," "personal competence" and "social competence."

As far and as fast as you want and can. Since we are a young and growing firm, you have much better opportunities for advancement than in larger consulting companies.

Yes, by our partners.

If you start with experience, you have the same opportunities for advancement as the employees who have joined us right after their studies.

We have a training curriculum that defines which trainings must be attended obligatorily for each hierarchical level. Trainings are either conducted internally or by external providers. If necessary, we also offer individual coaching programs.

We do not have any strict up-or-out principle. However, we expect our employees to have managed the move up from Consultant to Project Manager or Project Manager to Senior Project Manager within a period of three years.

The best. You are trained in an outstanding way and are tried and proven in countless projects, you can manage and motivate employees and you are tough and able to work under pressure. But do you really want to leave?

Project work

That depends on the topic. With "traditional" cost-cutting projects, we first start with a data capturing phase (demand analysis). Afterwards we analyze the procurement markets affected, develop the right procurement strategies, send out the RFP documents and negotiate with current or potentially new suppliers. As the last step, we implement the new supplier contracts.

For projects to professionalize our clients' procurement (activities), however, focus is on analyzing the procurement organization that is already in place: depending on your specific needs, we conduct extensive multiday training programs, or restructure the procurement department.

For issues regarding supply chain management, we analyze the as is situation across the entire supply chain when the project is kicked off. The current performance standard is then reviewed in terms of optimization potential by applying best practices, and relevant measures are designed. In the final step, measures aligned to supply chain management are implemented and monitoring systems introduced.

The faster you work completely independently, the stronger the reduction of your superiors’ control workload. With us, independent work is a must and not an ideal situation to simply be pursued.

With us, it is not about working as long as possible. We consider the principle of »Whoever leaves at night first has lost and will be assessed poorly« absurd. We are looking for people who »achieve double the amount of work in half of the time«, and who conduct their work in a concentrated way. Only those who can relax in the evening can work freshly and creatively the next day.

That solely depends on your work location. In an extreme case, you are on the go the entire week, but as a rule, three to four days each week. If the client agrees, we are also glad to work from the office.

That depends on the project, but generally with one to three colleagues. You will get to know some of your future colleagues at the assessment center because we decide in a team whether you fit with us.

With relevant previous knowledge and existing client contacts, yes.


Yes. The right work-life-balance is not only very important to us, but rather, it is also actively practiced in our firm. It doesn’t help anyone if there is not enough time for anything besides just work and you only feel stressed out. As far as possible and in agreement with the client, we often also try to work from the office for the rest of the week in addition to our Office Friday. It goes without saying that the job as a consultant is incompatible with a "9 to 5" job and long hours can be necessary depending on the project phase, which should also be tolerated and taken into account by the partner/the family. However, we place great importance on ensuring that work over the weekend represents the absolute exception and that vacation can be planned long-term and that it will not be cancelled on short notice.

Very humorous and relaxed – provided that the performance is right. We promote and demand very good employees. Anyone who does not meet our requirements will also find out about that very quickly and openly from the other side.