Your development

Your development at HÖVELER HOLZMANN CONSULTING is very important to us.

Management consultant at HÖVELER HOLZMANN CONSULTING – taking on responsibility – broadening perspectives

Career paths

At HÖVELER HOLZMANN three different career path opportunities are waiting for you. Relationship management (→ focus on project leadership), data management (focus on data analysis) and supply market intelligence (→ focus on procurement research). Each career path covers different aspects of a smart procurement and supply chain organization. For us the smart procurement and supply chain organization is more than a phrase, we stand for it every day!

The one thing each of the three ways has in common: You will run through four career steps and for each of these steps you will receive excellent training programs from us in the respective field. Depending on the career level, you can take on a project lead after just a few years. On average, you’ll spend two to three years on each career step. If your performance is constantly excellent, promotions are possible even sooner.

That’s because the career path at HÖVELER HOLZMANN CONSULTING is first and foremost one thing: upward. Compared to our competitors, you can already move up as management consultant to partner in just eight years after completing your university degree.

On each career level in our consultancy, we offer you an attractive salary and bonus system depending on individual and overall company performance.

If you join us after completing your Bachelor’s degree, we will be glad to provide you with support for your Master’s studies. The requirements are a constantly high performance as well as the commitment to start working for us after you receive your Master’s degree. Before starting your program, you should also have spent at least two years with our company.

Career path for Consultants

Start your career with us after earning your Bachelor’s degree, and take part in a two-year trainee program that that will give you a hands-on experience of what the three potential career paths are really like. During this period, you will be working very closely with your colleagues from various career paths and in changing project teams. You will experience the demanding tasks and challenges that our experts face on a daily basis. This experience will be of value for your future career in order to get an understanding of the demands a project member from one of the expert career paths will place on you as a project manager.

As a student working on your Master’s degree with a concrete idea of your career, you will directly start at the second level, regardless of the chosen career path.

At the second career level, you will already take over a first project lead as a relationship manager with a small team of data and supply market analysts: You will report directly to your project leader, who is a senior relationship manager. Senior project manager take on projects and manage them independently while they report directly to our clients.

As principle in relationship management, you will spearhead different project leaders in several procurement and supply chain optimization projects. Principals from the areas of data management and supply market intelligence are responsible for outsourcing projects dealing with the professionalization of our customer’s procurement and supply chain organization. Topics here are the setup of professional data and research analysis schemes as well as the development of new methods.

A partner, regardless of the initial career path, is responsible for the company management and serves as head of a department such as marketing or sales.

Career path for Experts

As an expert, you choose between two specializations: data management and supply market intelligence. As a data analyst, you analyze procurement volume data, create tender documents and conduct the measurement of savings on our projects for procurement and supply chain optimization. You're enthusiastic about daily work with spreadsheet and statistical programs as well as complex databases.

Your colleagues who are specialized in supply market intelligence conduct procurement market research at the level and in the quality of sales market research. In the process, the aim - intensively supported by quantitative methods – is to support projects for procurement and supply chain optimization by providing information about global sourcing markets and relevant suppliers. You define continents and countries in which potential suppliers are researched, analyze global value chains and conduct detailed industry structure analyses. For your work, you bring along fluent English and possibly knowledge of other foreign languages, sound knowledge of economic and geographic contexts, and ideally initial experience in market research.

Independent of your specialization, you already support our internal teams with method development starting at the second career level. This involves more than the continuous improvement of the existing "methods toolbox" for procurement and supply chain optimization. Focus is on developing new methods for our procurement and supply chain optimization projects. As a team manager, you supervise one or more of these teams for method development.

Experts and senior experts at the following career levels have extensive knowledge and deep know-how in their field of specialization. As an expert, you are responsible for large-scale outsourcing projects for professionalized data and supply market analysis for our clients, and you manage the internal (procurement) departments for method development.


Success in a specialized management consulting firm presupposes continuous learning. Not only do our trainings promote your development, but they also serve the interests of our clients.

After an individual analysis of your level of education and the identification of learning fields – precisely in procurement and supply chain optimization – as well as the necessary development measures by means of performance reviews, you can work on yourself systematically.

Our trainings can be summarized in three competence groups:
  1. Consulting process
    • Solving of complex problems
    • Project management
    • Pyramid principle
    • Presentation skills
    • Moderation
    • MS Excel, Powerpoint, Access
  2. Procurement
    • Basic knowlegde of procurement optimization:
      • Procurement strategy
      • Procurement organization and HR management
      • Strategic sourcing process
      • Tactical/Operational procurement
      • Supplier management
      • IT-Support in Procurement
      • Procurement controlling 
    • Special trainings in procurement organization:
      • Special trainings regarding commodity groups (e.g. procurement of transport services, procurement of creative agencies)
      • Complex data analyses with Excel
      • Demand/specifications management
      • Procurement market analysis/research
      • Tender management (ASTRAS)
      • Supplier calculation
      • Negotiation management

  3. Supply chain knowledge

    • Strategic supply chain configuration
    • Sales & operations planning
    • Logistics & production planning
    • Supply chain controlling
    • IT-Support

  4. Personality
    • Rhetoric
    • Self-management and time management

MBA Studies

If you would like to earn your MBA from a renowned business school, then we are open to this endeavor.

Basic requirements comprise a permanently very good performance in our firm as well as a long-term commitment afterwards. Before starting the program, you should moreover have been with us for at least two years.

In this way, both sides benefit because we enable the MBA in financial terms and provide advice on the selection of a program. You learn and achieve something that will ultimately benefit our firm and our clients.


After at least two years with our firm and with constantly excellent performance as well as a topic that fits with our consulting spectrum of procurement optimization, you have the opportunity to obtain your PhD in collaboration with HÖVELER HOLZMANN CONSULTING.

In the process, we will support you in a number of ways: financially, with our know-how and during the selection of the topic. In return for our support, you will stay with us for several more years after successfully obtaining your Dr. or PhD.