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Our analysis of the automotive industry

In Germany, the automotive industry is traditionally one of the industries with the strongest sales, and one of the biggest employers in the country. Core focus of the automotive industry is on producing passenger cars for export and the domestic market. Development of the economy does not only have an impact on the industry itself, but also on numerous sectors which are directly or indirectly involved in the manufacturing process. In addition to suppliers of vehicle components, these also include, among others, the chemical industry, textile industry, mechanical engineering, the electro-technical industry as well as the steel and aluminum industry.

Automotive industry

Service providers like engineering offices, car dealers, workshops and gas stations are directly affected by developments in and around the automotive industry, too. The importance of procurement and supply chain management increases continually as the vertical range of manufacture in the automotive industry decreases. Above all, the emphasis is on the collaboration with strategic suppliers who significantly influence production, product design and procurement costs. HÖVELER HOLZMANN CONSULTING knows all about the optimization of procurement costs, and is also the ideal partner for the implementation of partnership-driven cost optimizations with strategically important suppliers. We’ve already proven this in myriad projects.

Optimization of advertising film costs for a carmaker

Guaranteeing the highest quality at lower cost – that was the aspiration of our customer from the automotive industry when HÖVELER HOLZMANN CONSULTING was enlisted to put the carmaker’s advertising film costs to the test. For this purpose, HÖVELER HOLZMANN CONSULTING first conducted an extensive tender to select the best out of numerous offers. In an in-depth analysis, service providers were then analyzed and evaluated based on a number of differently weighted key factors in the areas of costs, quality and production reliability.

The critical aspect here was to obtain profound know-how about the market practices of film productions and their calculation method. In addition, individual components of the calculation were able to be reviewed and savings potential accurately identified by using benchmarks from HÖVELER HOLZMANN CONSULTING’s database. On this basis, optimal results were achieved in the negotiations with potential service providers. Costs for advertising films were reduced many times over, and high quality as well as production reliability of the service providers was guaranteed.

Levers for the project’s success:

  • Detailed market know-how for film productions and their calculation method
  • Comprehensive benchmarks to review the production costs
  • Extensive tender
  • Benchmarking of offers from tender documents based on a clearly defined assessment model
  • Strong negotiating position thanks to a broad spectrum of offers

Results of the project:

  • Savings of more than 30 percent as opposed to the total budget
  • Higher production reliability by analyzing key factors like technical equipment or cooperation partners of the film productions
  • Qualitatively high standard of film production was successfully improved further

Selected clients of HÖVELER HOLZMANN within the automotive industry, including OEMs and suppliers

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