Supply chain and procurement consulting for brick-and-mortar wholesale, retail and e-commerce

We understand the challenges you face in retail: Tighter regulations (e.g. Supply Chain Act, packaging regulation, etc.), ongoing price pressure and rising personnel or logistics costs are jeopardizing profitability in almost all areas of the company.

In order to sustainably increase your company's profit, we examine your value chain and identify optimization potential in supply chain management and procurement: From the optimization of the entire supply chain to the improvement of procurement conditions and the further development of your procurement or category management department, we are the strong partner at your side.

In the following formats - stationary or in e-commerce - we have in-depth market and industry knowledge in the retail sector

​​​​Retail and B2C e-commerce

  • DIY
  • Convenience formats
  • Fashion retail
  • Food retail
  • Furniture retail
  • Non-food formats
  • Pet supplies
  • Wine trade

Wholesale and B2B e-commerce

  • Agricultural trade
  • Building materials trade
  • Office supplies
  • Food service
  • Beverage wholesale
  • Technical wholesale

We deliver quantifiable outcomes for our clients, spanning both traditional retail and e-commerce:

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