Procurement Optimization

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Optimization of both value-added tax and customs are often overlooked but effective ways to increase liquidity. Two examples are regularly updating the ERP system and enhancing supplier selection.  Read Full Article in German
Ordering exotic raw materials at optimal costs
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“Exotic raw materials“ are used in just about every company – raw materials that are only consumed in small and the very smallest quantities, and which nevertheless make up a significant spending block overall.  Read Full Article in German
Value Driver Supply Chain Management and Procurement
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In cases of restructuring, supply chain management and procurement can be key value drivers for a company’s future success. Anyone who leverages optimization potential can gain a cutting edge over competitors on a sustainable basis. Read Full Article in German
Immune system cure against the trade war
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How you secure favorable domestic market capacities long-term and protect yourself against cost explosions due to a trade war. Read Full Article in German
Digital Supply Market Intelligence
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In times of globalization and digitalization, it is becoming increasingly important that companies keep an eye on all potential procurement markets on a day-to-day basis so that they do not miss out on any industry developments. Read Full Article in German
The deal is done: Two firms decide to merge together. The synergetic opportunities seem huge. But what must specifically happen now in order to fully tap the potentials? Read Full Article in German
The strategic procurement process can only be "IDEalized" successfully when companies follow three operational guidelines along the way: firstly, optimization potential must be transparently identified and quantified. During the subsequent... Read Full Article in German
While optimizing procurement since the turn of the millennium, the issue of strategy has played a major role right from the start. However, we have to conclude that a strategy cannot work if you do not set any clear-cut objectives which are relevant for... Read Full Article in German
The best IT tools are useless for me if I haven’t put my processes in order first. That would be as if I were driving on a street full of potholes with a car that has tremendous horsepower. With these words, Bernhard Höveler has a wide array of procurement... Read Full Article in German
Industrialization of the Procurement Department
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Technological, methodological and process-related developments in procurement over the last 20 years have triggered intensive further advancement in all three procurement segments, which is characterized by direction-setting changes like strategic sourcing... Read Full Article in German