IDEa – Industrialization and Digitalization of the Procurement Department

We enable your procurement department to achieve top performance thanks to IDEa. IDEa is comprised of three cornerstones!

What is IDEa all about?

Procurement in most companies has come a very long way over the past 20 years. But despite all the progress made, the last real leap in performance was e-procurement. Since then, advancement of procurement has more or less been moving at a snail’s pace, even though we talk about Procurement 4.0 today. The majority of procurement departments have essentially been struggling with four unresolved challenges or rather with brakes on further development for many years now:

  1. Staffing problems (e.g. scarce resources and lack of qualifications for complex data/market analysis jobs)
  2. Process efficiency (e.g. excessively long throughput/lead times and excessively high personnel intensity for strategic and operational processes)
  3. Quality of data (e.g. inadequate quality and transparency of data on specifications and procurement volume, limited availability/up-to-dateness of procurement market/supplier data
  4. Alignment/positioning of procurement (e.g. procurement’s image as a "cost squeezer," procurement is still not yet represented in the executive board/top management)

Against this backdrop, how can procurement substantially boost its performance and quality so that it can act at the executive board/top management level, and starting from this position, activate far more effective levers?

We provide you with an effective package of measures with IDEa, which will enable procurement to boost its performance tremendously so that procurement turns into a strategic "weapon" for the company. In this way, procurement managers achieve the leap into the executive board/top management mid- to long-term, where they can work more effectively on a sustainable basis. In order to "IDEalize" procurement, we will implement three packages of measures for you in a chronologically logical sequence:

What’s innovative about IDEa?

IDEa interlinks industrialization with digitalization to optimize the core processes in procurement. The aim here is above all to implement the principles mentioned at the beginning which make IDEa unique: