Safeguarding savings in a sustainable way

Safeguarding starts right after implementation and ensures that realized savings and results will be implemented for our clients.

What does this involve?

We have already experienced frequently that the deliverables of a successful project for procurement optimization were not safeguarded over the mid- to long-term. This can occur due to highly different reasons:

  • A supplier selected during procurement optimization can unexpectedly turn out to be unsuitable. Other interesting suppliers are not taken into account for a cooperation due to the negative experience. 
  • Some suppliers do not comply with the terms and conditions as agreed after the implementation of procurement optimization (This is especially difficult to review for commodity groups with a high number of articles like office supplies or MRO goods).
  • It also happens that guidelines from the procurement department to new suppliers, modified processes or reorganizations in the region (regionally, nationally or globally) are not implemented 1:1 in companies with numerous locations (especially retail chains).

Thus we don’t leave you alone when it comes to the long-term secureness of the achieved success of the optimization of procurement conditions.

How do you benefit from the safeguarding of success?

  • Upturn in profit: Together with you, we will revise – if necessary – the planned measures if unexpected complications arise or possibilities for further optimization should be identified.
  • Security: We ensure that the suppliers adhere to all terms & conditions agreed on and that no hidden costs will be billed. We moreover will get together with your finance or controlling department and make sure that all savings realized will be accounted for in a P&L-effective way, too.
  • Reputation: By ensuring the sustainability of all of your initiatives, you present yourself professionally and develop into a reliable partner within and outside of the company.

What approach do we take?

The success safeguard phase comprises the following tasks:

  • Introduction of new suppliers (in case of supplier change)
  • Verification of and adherence to the compliance directory
  • Takeover of the complaints management
  • (Random) Check of the supplier bills
  • Creation and evaluation of regular supplier reports
  • Execution of the savings evaluation

How can you convince yourself of our core competence regarding the safeguarding process?

Please feel free to contact us at any time: our specialists are here to answer all of your questions and explain why we’re ideally qualified to optimize your procurement conditions.

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