Supply Chain Management

"How do we succeed in always achieving the optimum between inventories, response and delivery capability, throughput times and costs?" This question is often the focal point when decision-makers in companies want to optimize their supply chain. To make sure your supply chain is a continuous source of competitive advantages, we’ve subdivided our consulting offer into the following sections:

Increasing value-added with intelligent supply chain management

Supply Chain Management Integration Framework

Supply Chain Management Trainings

HÖVELER HOLZMANN’s Training Academy offers end-to-end training programs across all levels of supply chain management. Our training contents range from strategic issues, to the tactical and operational level straight through to the competence/qualification level. In this process, we coach you in, for example, the strategic configuration of your supply chain, sales and distribution planning, effective and efficient transport and logistics structures and processes, as well as issues revolving around supply chain controlling and IT.

Optimization potential of supply chain management across all planning levels