Supply Chain Management & Supply Chain Optimization

We understand the challenges you face in supply chain management and how challenging changes to complex structures appear. With us, you have a partner at your side who can turn your supply chain into a real competitive advantage: We identify the status quo of your supply chain and develop detailed measures to improve the individual planning tasks.

During the process, we are guided by the following questions, among others:

  • How can we avoid disruptions in the supply chain and improve our delivery speed?
  • How can we achieve the optimum balance between inventories, lead times, response and delivery capabilities, and costs?
  • And how do we achieve planning reliability and data transparency?

Supply Chain Consulting along the Supply Chain Management Integration Framework

To ensure that your supply chain is a continuous source of competitive advantage, we have structured our supply chain consulting along the Supply Chain Management Integration Framework. This enables us to meet the demand for a holistic view of the supply chain and supply chain management. Our consulting services are divided into three hierarchical levels - the strategic, tactical and operational level:

    Supply Chain Pyramide

    ► Each of these levels is made up of several task areas, on the basis of which performance potential can be identified and leveraged in a structured manner. Find out more about our consulting services for each individual task here:

    Strategic Level

    At the strategic level, the configuration of the supply chain is analyzed, e.g. whether the warehouse locations and structures are optimally designed, whether the individual articles and assortments are stored at the appropriate locations, and also whether the organizational structure of supply chain management is appropriate.

    Tactical Level

    The tactical level addresses sales planning and, in a further step, inventory planning. The focus here is particularly on forecasting processes, breaking down the forecast into definite order proposals, and the appropriateness of inventories along the entire supply chain.

    Operational Level

    At the operational level, the focus is on the service creation process and the supporting processes, e.g. supply chain controlling, IT and logistics, are analyzed.


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