What is the goal of lean management?

Within a supply chain, there’s a value-creating percentage that the customer pays for, and generally a mainly non-value-creating percentage. Lean management’s objective is to align the entirety of all of the company’s processes, principles and procedures so that the value creation chain has the greatest possible value-creating percentage for the benefit of customers.

For this purpose, market leaders in the automotive industry have designed innovative methods like value stream mapping or the Kanban method. These have been used successfully in the industry for decades now to boost efficiency.

Our goal is to make the principles and methods of small and medium-sized companies or groups of companies accessible outside of this industry as well in order to achieve a sustainable upturn in efficiency and to make the company more competitive.

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How do you benefit from Lean Management?

By using the principles and methods in the right way, processes will become far more efficient, in turn reducing time requirements and costs. Depending on the core focus of the projects, this can lead to a tremendous reduction in lead/throughput time, a substantial improvement in the turnover rate and an upturn in productivity in a two-digit percentage range.

How do we proceed with the introduction of Lean Management?

We implement value stream management in your focus areas and introduce the principles and methods. We help you implement a company-wide planning and controlling system with Hoshin Kanri (management by direction) that is tailored around lean principles.

In the scope of value stream management, we take three steps:

(1)    Together with you, we work out the as-is mapping of your value streams. An in-depth problem analysis will be conducted in the problem areas identified to pinpoint the causes.

(2)    Together, we create a future picture of your value streams as a compass for the following action plan.

(3)    The key projects will be included in the action plan, which serve to build a bridge between the as-is mapping and the future picture.

Within the focus areas, we support you in implementing the principles and methods in actual practice and in training your personnel accordingly.

When implementing the Hoshin Kanri planning and controlling system, we organize the workshops, assist in developing the master plans and in implementing controlling.

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