Why do you need an optimal configuration of your supply chain?

Ideally, a supply chain is closely intertwined with the corporate strategy. Every adjustment and decision in this area has a long-term impact on the success of the entire company due to the usually high share of fixed costs. In the process, current situations and new challenges are often confronted with the company’s structures which have grown over time.

We help you critically challenge existing structures, optimize supplier and distribution networks and align your supply chain to the needs of your company, so that you can find and implement the right mix of flexibility and cost efficiency.

In the scope of supply chain configuration, we support you in, for example, the following issues:

  • Optimizing the number of warehouse locations/centralization vs. decentralization
  • Identifying the location and size of warehouse sites
  • Allocating range of products to production and warehouse sites
  • Make-or-buy decisions (insourcing vs. outsourcing)
  • Selecting modes of transport
  • Building up inbound logistics structures
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What benefits do you achieve by reconfiguring your supply chain?

Higher customer satisfaction and more security: Optimization of the supply chain configuration has a significant positive impact on order lead times, product availability, supply reliability and on-time delivery. Overall, this can boost customer satisfaction tremendously.

Upturn in profit: the profit impact of supply chain reconfiguration is two-fold:

  • Higher customer satisfaction leads to higher sales because satisfied customers buy more, and more frequently, and they recommend you to others
  • At the same time, many of the company’s cost items can be influenced in a positive way:
    • Lower material costs due to less shrinkage
    • Lower personnel costs
    • Lower transport and storage costs
    • Lower interest expenses

Ultimately, an optimized supply chain configuration also leads to higher liquidity in the company. For example, it enables the outsourcing of warehouse and transport services to release resources which are committed to investments/facilities. Optimized inventories simultaneously also result in positive liquidity effects.

What approach do we take?

Depending on the company, strategic supply chain issues differ considerably. When reconfiguring your supply chain, we individually customize the approach to your company and your challenges. Generally, the project goes through the actual analysis, target concept and implementation steps. Single activities of each project step are then performed after recording the actual status tailored to your needs.


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