Why do you need a Supply Chain Reporting?

Core focus is on defining data and information as well as the systems needed in order to support all processes relevant for the supply chain in the best possible way.

How do you benefit from optimization of information technology in supply chain management?

  • Security: You receive more security thanks to improved reliability with which decisions can be made regarding supply chain management in your company
  • Upturn in profit: The use of the right IT in supply chain management enables your staff to make better decisions and it helps you perform your tasks more effectively and efficiently. This ultimately benefits the overall business success in many ways and it has a positive impact on profit.
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How do we proceed with the introduction of your Supply Chain Reporting?

The information technology deployed is optimized in eight steps: 

  1. Analyze existing IT systems in supply chain management and the interfaces to other corporate divisions
  2. Determine the processes/tasks needed for the supply chain which are currently supported by information technology, and which should be supported in the future
  3. Define requirements placed on the performance of IT systems to support the tasks and processes required
  4. Determine necessary data granularity (→ at which detailed level are data required?)
  5. Define need for optimization of the existing IT systems
  6. Define specifications to adjust the existing systems or to implement new systems
  7. Potentially select an IT service provider to implement the adjustments defined in the specifications in terms of costs/benefits and joint transformation of specifications into technical specifications
  8. Monitor the IT service provider in implementing and reviewing adjustments from the specification.

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