Why Do You Need an Optimization of Your Supply Chain Organization and Human Resource Management?

Supply Chain Organization

In many companies, there is considerable potential for effectiveness in the organizational design of supply chain management and its integration into the company. However, an appropriate SCM organization can enable the next level in the overall optimization of the supply chain. The following criteria can be used to delineate different organizational variants for anchoring supply chain management:

  • Formalization: extent to which organizational rules and the performance of individual units are set down in writing.
  • Centralization: distribution of decision-making authority in the company (central vs decentralized decision-making)
  • Hierarchy: arrangement of an organizational unit in the company's organizational chart (executive level vs subordinate levels)

Supply Chain Organization & HR

Based on these criteria, customized organizational solutions can be developed depending on a company's specific requirements. These vary depending on the level of development and performance and the respective opportunities within the company. We support you in optimally conceptualizing your supply chain's operational and organizational structure and integrating it into your company to exploit performance potential best.

Human Resource Management

Unique demands are placed on personnel in supply chain management. In particular, employees must have strong analytical and conceptual skills, a high level of problem-solving competence and, if possible, many years of practical experience to deliver outstanding performance. A differentiated personnel policy in supply chain management can therefore achieve significant competitive advantages.

Our systematic optimization process helps you make the best possible personnel decisions for your supply chain and build a sustainable personnel structure with talented and experienced employees. The main focus is on the organic development of the existing team. If necessary, the current staff can develop customized job profiles to meet their individual strengths. In cases of urgent necessity, we can also provide you with top-notch interim management to bridge the gap during your transition.


What Benefits Do You Achieve by Optimizing Your SCM?

Supply Chain Organization

  • Customer satisfaction: An SCM organization that is optimally tailored to the company's situation makes it possible to respond flexibly and reliably to customer requirements
  • Security: The precise assignment of responsibilities for SCM activities creates transparency and, thus, security, as tasks are completed morereliably and efficiently.
  • Profit increase: Thanks to the optimized and, thus, faster business processes in SCM, personnel and machine capacities can be used more effectively. This means that additional orders can be accepted. At the same time, the increased efficiency of business processes leads to cost savings


Human Resource Management

  • Security: Highly qualified employees deliver excellent performance, resulting in increased customer satisfaction
  • Profit increase: Excellent and optimally positioned employees work cost-efficiently while maximizing their performance potential. As a result, profits can be increased sustainably
  • Flexibility: Your employees can be flexibly deployed in supply chain management due to their high and diverse qualifications. Both the expansion of individual skills and development in other SCM areas are possible at any time due to the high quality of employees, as is the filling of higher management levels by internal personnel.

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How Do We Go About Optimizing Your SCM Organization and Human Resource Management?

Supply Chain Organisation

  1. Definition of the scope of the study and coordination of the procedure: First, the project objectives are coordinated, and the project-relevant departments and processes are defined. In addition, interview partners are selected for the survey on the status of the company and the project organization and communication are coordinated.

  2. Analysis and evaluation of the current situation: In the second step, the strengths and weaknesses of the current process and organizational structure of the company are determined utilizing interviews. In addition, the corporate status is benchmarked against suitable companies. Based on this, starting points for optimizing the organizational structure are identified and prioritized.

  3. Derivation of organizational options and recommendations: Suitable organizational options and recommendations are derived from the results of the second step. In addition, both the new organizational structure and the associated processes to be designed are roughly defined.

  4. Design of coordinated measures: In the final step, selected target processes are conceptualized and coordinated in detail based on the new organizational structure.


Human Resource Management

  1. Analysis of existing qualifications: First, the supply chain's current personnel situation is analyzed and documented. Through interviews and best-practice benchmarking, weaknesses are identified concerning employee qualifications and needs-based staffing. Requirements for the future personnel structure in SCM are derived from this.
  2. Design of measures to meet identified needs: The second step is to examine which actions should be considered to meet the defined requirements. Training or coaching programs can be designed for existing personnel. If external recruiting is necessary, job advertisements are prepared. If acute staff shortages arise, we prepare proposals for interim management by HÖVELER HOLZMANN CONSULTING staff.
  3. Covering the personnel requirements: We also provide comprehensive support during the implementation phase. On the one hand, our experienced consultants carry out the necessary training and coaching programs. On the other hand, we actively accompany the external recruiting process by reviewing application documents, conducting interviews and assessment centers, and recommending suitable candidates. This is complemented by the intensive familiarization of the new supply chain managers with their respective areas of responsibility. In the case of interim management, your vacant positions are temporarily filled by excellent personnel from HÖVELER HOLZMANN CONSULTING.

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