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Supply Chain Management

When the supply chain cannot do what the market demands, this can result in risks in the company’s development over the long run. Since supply chain management often represents a cross-departmental function in companies, a "neutral authority" can help with the holistic optimization of relevant processes. The design of processes is always optimized from the perspective of (internal and external) customers. In doing so, issues like improving delivery reliability, shortening delivery times and enhancing planning quality take center stage.

Implementation of an optimal SCM organization also frequently poses a challenge because the SCM functions are often allocated across departments. Here, the relevant areas of responsibility/departments are identified first so that they can then be meaningfully consolidated in a company-specific way.

Improve Performance

Procurement Optimization

Together with our customers, HÖVELER HOLZMANN’s goal is to improve the procurement department’s performance on a sustainable basis. Core focus of this objective is on optimizing the procurement organization and procurement processes as well as on the further training of personnel. That’s because without the perfect interplay between an optimal organizational structure, operational processes and employees, the procurement department cannot function optimally and tap into the full performance potential.

Optimization of the procurement organization

Despite the considerable further development of procurement over the past few decades, there are still tremendous performance potentials in companies that are not tapped. The main reason for this is often the structure of many procurement organizations, where all tasks of strategic procurement processes for one or generally even several product groups are assigned to just one purchaser. As a result of such organizational models, too many heterogeneous work packages are transferred to one single employee. This turns the purchasers into "product group generalists," who often lack the time and know-how to perform each procurement activity with the necessary accuracy and speed. This is where HÖVELER HOLZMANN comes in to define the right procurement structure together with our customers. By implementing innovative best practice organizational forms in procurement (e.g. the smart procurement organization or agile, self-organizing procurement teams), the complexity of tasks is reduced for the purchasers, which consequently improves performance in procurement tremendously.

Optimization of procurement processes

Advantages of an optimal procurement structure can only be harnessed when the core processes in procurement are structured optimally, too. Through reorganization along core processes like strategic sourcing, supplier management and the operational ordering process, HÖVELER HOLZMANN simplifies and standardizes procurement activities. Superfluous process loops and activities are eliminated and interfaces to specialized departments are clearly defined along the procurement processes to create the basis for industrialized procurement 4.0. Besides industrializing the procurement department, we also support you in realizing existing digitalization potentials in procurement. Together with our experts, notions like big data, procurement 4.0, industry 4.0, business process engineering, Internet of Things (IoT), collaboration/enterprise 2.0, cloud computing, or digital transformation are filled with life for your company. The thematic area of digitalization is a field that will impact procurement processes far more strongly in the future. That’s why we support you in eliminating inefficiencies due to missing integrated digitalization, and consequently in completing the industrialization and digitalization of your procurement department within the framework of the IDeA concept ("Industrialization and Digitalization of the Procurement Department.")

We train procurement staff on how to work with optimized procurement structures and processes so that changes can also be “lived out” long-term in actual practice. Substantially improved performance in procurement translates into faster process flows and less time and effort needed for work. The resources freed up thanks to this can be used to put more intensive focus on strategic procurement issues and to further enhance service quality in procurement. The freedom consequently obtained in day-to-day business can be used, for example, to conduct innovation programs in collaboration with strategic suppliers and to create a key contribution of procurement towards improving the quality of products.

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