With a clear value orientation to the best solution

With our work, we exert a direct influence on people and organizations. We value the trust placed in us by our customers and employees and live up to it by basing every one of our actions and decisions on our five core values:

  • Passion for our work

  • Empowering people

  • Promoting team spirit

  • Assuming responsibility

  • Delivering solutions

We enter into business relationships and recruit our employees on the basis of these values. Through this harmony, we jointly develop the best possible solution for highly complex issues in supply chain management and purchasing.

Passion for our work

  • We inspire ourselves and other people for supply chain management and purchasing

  • We have a burning passion for our customers, colleagues and projects

  • We have the drive for excellence

Passion for our work

Empowering people

  • ​​​We promote the strengths of our employees and customers

  • We show appreciation and respect

  • We trust in the abilities of the project teams

Empowering people

Promoting team spirit

  • We pursue goals together

  • We support each other

  • We take time for each other, have fun at work and celebrate successes


Promoting team spirit

Assuming responsibility

  • We lend a hand ourselves

  • We stand by our decisions

  • We grow with our challenges


Delivering solutions

  • We provide measurable benefits

  • We develop feasible solutions

  • We expand and share our know-how


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