Why do you need a standardized order processing?

Order management represents a core process in companies. The order processing process includes all detailed steps from the receipt of order to the delivery to the customer. Without standardized order processing with clear specifications for most orders, a smooth process is almost impossible. We help you to structure your order management in such a way that an on-time delivery and consideration of all relevant costs to the customer is ensured. We support you in optimizing on the following topics:

  • Order process from order receipt to delivery
  • Congestion Management • Optimization of sales units
  • Analysis of minimum order quantities (MOQ) & small quantity surcharges
  • Segmentation product portfolio (for example, by contribution margin calculation)
  • Optimization of shipping process (for example in customs clearance)
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How do you benefit from that?

  • Shortening of delivery times
    An optimization of the order management leads to a shortening of the delivery times according to the market requirements. Combined with improved on-time delivery, this leads to higher customer satisfaction. In the medium to long term, this will give your company a real competitive advantage.
  • Profit increase
    By improving minimum order quantities and / or minimum quantity surcharges, for example, micro orders that cause disproportionately high processing costs can be avoided. This immediately increases the company profit. That this should be done with a sense of proportion and involvement of sales, is self-evident.
  • Security
    The holistic consideration of the order management ensures that the order process is optimally designed and the correct decisions are made operationally based on clear guidelines.

How do we optimize your order processing?

  1. Analysis of lead times:
    Only a detailed recording of the lead times per process step in the order processing, creates the necessary transparency in the targeted optimization. Subsequently, a comparison is made between the current lead time and the delivery time requested by the customer. Particular attention must be paid to the requirements of different customer groups / distribution channels or supply chains.
  2. Concept development:
    In the second phase of the project, processes and procedures are redesigned and the necessary measures (for example, target ranges) are dawn up. During this process, we work closely with your employees and jointly develop the concept. This directly creates a first acceptance within the company. In addition, a detailed implementation plan for the design of new processes / procedures are created.
  3. Implementation:
    Implementation often requires procedural and IT changes. We support you in the necessary change management. Only a clean implementation guarantees the long-term success of such projects.

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