A tailored career pathway that will get you where you want to be

We offer various opportunities for growth when you work with us. When it comes to your career, we don’t insist on fixed promotion periods or rigid pathways. Your progress will depend only on your personal inclinations and how you perform. Decide for yourself which pathway suits you best.

Linear Career

Graphic Career Pathways HÖVELER HOLZMANN

If you have a bachelor’s degree, you can start as a Business Analyst. If you have a master’s degree, you can join us as a Consultant. Many graduates who come to work with us have already discovered their passion for SCM and procurement projects by completing a multi-month internship at our company.

Each year, we’ll discuss with you whether you’re ready for the next step. This means a Consultant can become a Senior Consultant in a year or two, and a Manager in another one to two years. When you move up to the management level, your focus will shift from working on the content of projects to managing and acquiring them. After that, you can take on more responsibility as a Senior Manager and Principal. By doing so, you’ll help our business develop even more. And finally, you can of course become a Partner.

How To Get Started

Specialized Career

If you want to leverage HÖVELER HOLZMANN’s specialization to deepen your expertise in particular areas, we can help with that, too. We can help you train comprehensively in supply chain management, procurement, sustainability, and digitalization, so that you can support our clients and our team with your particular expertise. In the area of digitalization, you will particularly benefit from our connection to the digital solutions, consulting, and software firm valantic, which offers comprehensive training through its academy.

All of our team members are given the opportunity to write technical articles and run studies and webinars. Develop your own area of interest with us and position yourself in it as a pro – with our clientele and beyond!


Grow Personally

A fixed annual training budget means you can book the training courses that help you advance personally in areas such as time management and leadership. As a Mentor, you can train team members, get involved in environmental and social projects, and launch your own initiatives.