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Our core business is consulting, and it involves people with different levels of experience and specialization in SCM and procurement working together. This functions really well because we have a background team of internal specialists in HR, sales, marketing, IT, and office management.

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How We Work Together

Our team works together purposefully and with great enthusiasm, and regularly exchanges ideas in team and strategy meetings. Transparency and mutual support are among the pillars of our work. All areas of our business thrive from the expertise and ideas of some very different personalities. We like to try new things out and to run projects at short notice. That’s how we keep HÖVELER HOLZMANN – and ourselves – moving forward.

We offer career starters and professionals engaging and varied responsibilities in all areas. If you want to support our team but haven’t seen a job that suits you, then why not apply anyway?

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Your Benefits

Read some testimonials from your future team mates


Lisa, Personnel Officer

“The team is what I like best of all. We always rely on each other, I look forward to events such as team trips, and we enjoy doing things together outside of work.”



Ruben, Learning & Development Manager

“I was impressed by the authentic and serious interest they showed in developing their staff. Personnel development content was always in the foreground, and it wasn’t about spending as little as possible on personnel development. The very fact that my position was created specially is proof of that.”


Nina, Executive Assistant and Head of Office Management

“No matter what role you’re in, you get to grow and have a say. Management’s doors are always open as well.”


Tatiana, Marketing Manager

“A great deal of trust is placed in everyone. This means that someone who wants to shoulder a lot of responsibility gets to do so. Apart from that, every team member counts. You’re not just a number like in some big consultancies and companies, and everyone knows each other.”