Supply chain management consulting

Rapid changes in business, trade, and the environment are making it challenging for companies to remain competitive. We can advise you on how to manage all of your processes with foresight and set up a modern, digitally optimized supply chain.

As corporate consultants specializing in supply chain management, we can identify the current state of your supply chain and draw up detailed, customized measures that will improve your various planning tasks so that all of the processes involved in your value-adding chain run smoothly. We examine every level of supply chain management, from sale planning, to inventory and production planning, to material demand planning.

To do this, we utilize our supply chain management integration framework, which divides supply chain management into four hierarchical levels. We employ a set of best practices for every level and for each category of tasks within each level. These best practices come from different industries and our many years of project experience, and we use them to identify potential improvements tailored to the specifics of your company. An effective supply chain can be a continuous source of competitive advantages. Let’s work together to develop your ideal supply chain.

When should you draw on our supply chain consulting?

There are situations in which it makes sense to bring in outside support. This is especially the case if internal resources are heavily tied up in day-to-day business and you have no capacity for additional projects. Do the following scenarios feel familiar? Then arrange an initial consultation now.

  • Does your company’s growth mean you no longer have enough capacity for warehousing and production? We can help you to position warehouse locations in a way that cuts costs, and to adapt structures long-term to your company’s goals.
  • Do your planning processes refuse to harmonize? We take a holistic and objective view, which ensures smooth processes.
  • Are you affected by cost increases in warehousing and transport? We can check your cost structures by benchmarking and create transparency.
  • Can’t get an overview of your supply chain performance? In scenarios like these, we can help you define supply chain KPIs and set up a reporting process that continuously monitors your whole supply chain.

Achieving a genuine competitive edge

We understand just how challenging changes to complex structures can seem. But with us you have a partner by your side who can advise you on supply chain management and help you to develop your value adding structures into a genuine competitive advantage:

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Our Supply Chain Consulting Services

Strategic Level

Tactical Level

Operational Level

Enabling Level



As a corporate consultancy, we specialize in supply chain management and procurement, and our many years of project experience allow us to give your business a genuine competitive edge.

  • Facts and figures show you what we’re achieving together. Facts and figures form a basis for measurable success.
  • A tailored consulting approach based on partnership: For more than 15 years we’ve been satisfying our customers, ranging from SMEs to DAX corporations,with tailored solutions and clearly measurable success.
  • Methodical and pragmatic: Optimized methodology and a pragmatic approach that considers feasibility are essential ingredients in a project’s success.

  • Interdisciplinary team: Our experienced team combines years of experience in industry and consulting, which means you’ll always have a competent partner by your side.


Case studies

Get a sense of our work and the successes we achieved with our clients in various projects: