Female Empowerment at HÖVELER HOLZMANN

Female empowerment is very important to HÖVELER HOLZMANN. We want to push against gender inequality. We want to encourage more women to consider our exciting line of work, promote discussion in the company, and support our female consultants in their professional development. This includes developing specific aims, like figures for the coming years. Find out more about the things we’re currently working on and what we plan for the future. And of course, our male colleagues also benefit from these improvements.

picture Women’s Network and Events

Women’s Network and Events

  • We encourage our female colleagues to exchange experiences beyond their everyday work, in settings such as shared lunches and dinners

  • Participation in networking events
picture Internal Working Groups

Internal Working Groups

  • Each month we hold a Company Day, which we use to plan activities and initiatives with all of our staff.

  • We also run internal workshops, including on International Women’s Day.

picture Personal Development and Mentoring

Personal Development and Mentoring

  • Our mentoring program helps all of our employees, male and female, to grow. Female colleagues can have a female mentor, if they'd like to.

  • We promote professional and personal development through customized training activities.

picture Application Processes

Application Processes

  • We strive to directly address women and inspire them to consider our profession.

  • Whenever we recruit new people, we make sure there’s a balance between male and female staff members.

Get to know the people who work for us!

Read what some of our staff say about their experience at HÖVELER HOLZMANN and in the consulting industry.

Antje Böttger

Antje, Principal

“The thing I like best about HÖVELER HOLZMANN is the way everyone trusts each other. You’re given plenty of responsibility from the outset and you’re supported in everything you do. This helps you to develop more every day.”

Anne, Manager

“The world of work is changing, but sometimes I’m still the only woman in meetings with clients. In the beginning I had to learn to deal with that without being untrue to myself. But HÖVELER HOLZMANN never left me to work that out alone.”

Katharina, Senior Consultant

“There’s a warm, humorous, supportive atmosphere here in which staff are encouraged and nurtured, and I find that really motivating!”


Marleen, Intern/Working Student

“It quickly became clear to me that I’d made the right choice when I joined HÖVELER HOLZMANN. I was in the thick of it from the get-go, I was allowed to actively participate in projects, and I was accepted as a full-fledged member of the team.”


Paula, Consultant

“No matter what career stage you’re at, you’ll be given the opportunity to get involved and help the business develop with your own ideas.”