Fairs & Events

Meet our team in person

We can describe our robust team cohesion, our commitment to transparency, equal communication, and respectful interactions, and even the significance of humor in our work environment. However, the best way to understand us is to meet in person and engage in conversation. You can then experience our dynamic first-hand.

Arrange a meeting in advance at karriere@hoeveler-holzmann.com or simply visit our booth at the fairs listed below! We'll be pleased to discuss your goals and career opportunities.

You can find us in 2023 at the following locations:

  • February 15: Career Connect 2023, Kühne Logistics University Hamburg
  • March 9: Maastricht Business Days, Maastricht University
  • March 24: BDSU Spring Congress, Münster
  • April 25: Career Fair, University of Mannheim
  • May 3: Job Fair, Essen
  • August 17: Female Wine & Dine (our own event)
  • November 7-9: bonding Aachen, RWTH Aachen