Sustainability in Supply Chain Management and Procurement

Proactively Shaping Sustainability Along the Value Chain 

How do we develop our sustainability strategy and successfully implement it? What do our sustainability ambitions mean in terms of how we design sustainable processes, structures, and systems in supply chain management and procurement? How do we reduce our carbon footprint? How are roles in SCM and procurement changing in the face of increasing sustainability demands from investors, customers, and officials? Which laws and guidelines have to be complied with?

Grafik für Beratung Nachhaltigkeit SCM Einkauf HÖVELER HOLZMANN

We’ll walk you through these and other questions around the topic of sustainability. Our systematic yet pragmatic consulting approach helps you to increase your sustainability performance and establish a sustainable supply chain.

Our sustainability specialists possess in-depth practical experience, much of which has been gained through leadership roles in sustainability, SCM, and procurement departments, and they have comprehensive project-specific and scientific sustainability backgrounds.

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Our sustainability consulting covers three areas to help you meet your sustainability goals to the greatest possible degree:

Due diligence and compliance

- Compliance with national/international reporting standards and regulations
- Develop and implement risk management systems
- Complaints procedures and documentation

Reduce carbon emissions

- Identify biggest emission sources
- Develop emission reduction strategy and targets
- Implement

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