Sustainability in Supply Chain Management and Procurement

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Proactively shaping sustainability along the value chain

Sustainability is no longer just an ethical concern, but an explicit requirement from the majority of customers and investors. Acting with an environmental consciousness not only strengthens your brand image and reputation, it helps cement loyalty with existing customers and convince new ones about what you can do. Also, sustainable practices usually bring cost benefits and greater resilience against future risks. So it’s safe to say that putting effort into ecological and social responsibility is a relevant means of promoting your long-term business success.

But this work is not without its challenges, which is why you’ll need to answer the following questions:

  • How do we develop our sustainability strategy and successfully implement it?
  • What do our sustainability ambitions mean in terms of how we design sustainable processes, structures, and systems in supply chain management and procurement?
  • How do we reduce our carbon footprint?
  • How are roles in SCM and procurement changing in the face of increasing sustainability demands from investors, customers, and officials?
  • Which laws and guidelines have to be complied with?

Our expert sustainability consulting can help you answer these and other questions. Our systematic yet pragmatic consulting approach helps you to increase your sustainability performance and establish a sustainable supply chain.

Our sustainability specialists possess in-depth practical experience, much of which has been gained through leadership roles in sustainability, SCM, and procurement departments, and they have comprehensive project-specific and scientific sustainability backgrounds.

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The Three Building Blocks of Our Sustainability Consulting

Our Industry Specialization

Our sustainability expertise extends across numerous industries and areas, including the private and public sectors, the manufacturing industry, retail, and services.

Some of the areas in which we work in these various sectors and industries include:

  • Public sector: how can sustainability criteria be incorporated into public tender processes?
  • Manufacturing industry (e.g. the chemical industry): how can the ecological footprint, especially of raw materials, be reduced?
  • Retail: how can logistics be made more sustainable (green logistics)?
  • Services: how can minimum social standards be guaranteed for one’s own workforce and the outside service providers that we use?


Sustainability at HÖVELER HOLZMANN

Our Social Responsibility and Climate Neutrality

It isn’t just the wellbeing of our customers we’re concerned about—it’s the environment too. That’s why we’ve undertaken to support needy people as well as environmental and social projects so that we can contribute in a meaningful way to a good future. In collaboration with ClimatePartners, we can now proudly say that we are a climate-neutral business with a sustainable mobility concept. We also support numerous social institutions, donate to charities, and sometimes work hands on—on location when required. We also use more and more green power in our office and compensate for unavoidable emissions by supporting climate protection projects.

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