Creative freedom instead of hierarchical thinking

Our Principal Jürgen Theves shares his experience of working at HÖVELER HOLZMANN

Why did you decide to join HÖVELER HOLZMANN and therefore, a consulting firm?

After working in procurement departments of various car manufacturers for 12 years, I was looking for a new challenge and wanted to get out of my comfort zone. At HÖVELER HOLZMANN, I can now successfully transfer my experience in procurement and in the automotive industry to other industries and at the same time gain insight into new aspects of procurement, supply chain management and project management.

In addition, I quickly realized during the application process that great importance is attached to team spirit and that there is a lot of creative freedom. Therefore, HÖVELER HOLZMANN was the right choice.

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What has been your biggest challenge thus far at HÖVELER HOLZMANN?

The fast onboarding with a focus on new topics and tasks from the day I joined the company. However, the support offered by my team helped me a lot.

What do you value most at HÖVELER HOLZMANN?

The team. The entire HÖVELER HOLZMANN team is highly motivated and qualified. In the recruiting process, attention is not only paid to professional qualifications, but also to the applicant's personality. This allows new employees to fit into the corporate culture. In addition, we do not have the classic hierarchies that are common in the industry. Anyone can contribute and any good idea is welcome. We do not have beaten tracks and cumbersome processes – if you want to contribute, you have come to the right place.

If you enjoy having fun at work, HÖVELER HOLZMANN is the right place for you. There is a lot of fun and laughter at HÖVELER HOLZMANN. I would not want to give up beer after work on a Friday (or other days of the week) or table soccer in the evenings.