Industrialization of Procurement by Implementing the Smart Procurement Organization

Industrialization of the procurement department is the second horizon of the IDEa concept. Benefits of digital procurement can only be realized when core processes are optimized, too. By implementing the smart procurement organization, homogeneous task packages are put together here across process stages and product groups. This reorganization along the strategic procurement process simplifies and standardizes originally complex task packages, and therefore leads to an industrialized Procurement 4.0.


Reorganization of procurement tasks

Logo smart procurement organization

Specific roles are assigned to the purchasers across the streamlined procurement process. (If you want to find out more about one of the roles in procurement, just click on the relevant field in the figure below). Thanks to this reorganization of procurement tasks, the quality of the procurement department’s service and work is improved, which enables additional savings to be achieved.

Strategic Sourcing Process

Strategic sourcing process